Digital Acuity Presentations

Members of the Digital Acuity team have always been sought after as speakers at the most prestigious E-Discovery and Computer Forensics events. Our presentations at various speaking engagements, have covered topics as wide ranging as Forensics 101 to Cyber Security. We strive to give our attendees the most current topics, uses for the most current methodologies and lively discussion. Below is a sampling of some of their presentations.

Digital Acuity Presentations

E-Discovery – Avoiding Landmines in a Litigious Land

Basic information on the E-discovery process, why it is important to know about it, steps you can take to prepare for litigation, and what to do when litigation strikes. This Digital Acuity presentation was first presented at an MIS IT Conference.

An Overview of E-Discovery and it’s Importance

This Digital Acuity Presentation gives an overview of E-Discovery and why it’s important to you and your business.

The EDRM 2.0 Primer – What You Need to Know About E-Discovery

The Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) is a framework that outlines standards for the recovery and discovery and of digital data. This presentation is the first in a series of eDRM primers from Digital Acuity.

The Trusted Advisor – How to Choose an E-Discovery Provider

When dealing with E-Discovery it is important to have a trusted advisor at your side. This Digital Acuity presentation deals with choosing the Right Service Provider for you E-Discovery Matter.

Mining The Windows Registry

Computer forensics utilizes many tools to unearth information. This Digital Acuity presentation shows how to use the Windows registry to locate digital artifacts

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