Digital Acuity Managed Services

Digital Acuity Managed Services for E-Discovery

Digital Acuity is the leader in providing Managed Services  to  corporations and law firms supporting their Discovery needs.  Our suite of solutions provide flexibility and significant return on your investment. Digital Acuity Managed Services provides our clients a means to effectively managed their Discovery needs through the standardization and centralization of technology process and people. Gaining control of Discovery is essentially setting controls in the management of this business process. In doing so, our clients benefit by reducing  cost, reducing  risk and becoming proactive in managing Discovery requests.

SmartSource(SM) –  Managing the Clearwell Cloud

SmartSource(SM) is Digital Acuity’s flagship Managed Services Program. We are authorize to sell, deploy and manage Clearwell.  As with other groundbreaking E-Discovery management solutions through the last decade, Digital Acuity was again first in the nation to receive the Clearwell MSP certification. With SmartSource(SM)  you gain the benefit of bringing FCS Managed Services with Clearwelltechnology in-house without the headaches of managing the cumbersome process. The core solutions includes:

  • Client Acquires the software and related hardware
  • Digital Acuity maintains the hardware in our world class  data center. Digital Acuity provides infrastructure and data security. Daily backup of data. Data stored on the Digital Acuity SANS environment
  • Operational management of Discovery – Digital Acuity will customize the workflow to match your ongoing Discovery needs. Our processes have been tested on the largest eDiscovery matters in the history of jurisprudence.

The Return on Investment is Significant For Our Clients

Real Dollars Saved

Year 1 Savings $75,900
Year 2 Savings (Cumulative) $457,300
Year 1 ROI 17%
Year 2 ROI (Cumulative) 70%

Already Have Clearwell In-house?

We can help you get more from your investment. If you are having staffing issues, software access or operational workflow, we can provide any one or more of the services from our  SmartSource(SM) program to help you get more from your investment.

Value Added Services

Digital Acuity has several technology solutions to support our clients’ needs. Relating to our SmartSource(SM) e-solutions we can provide complimentary services and solutions such as DRIVE(SM), Review and high throughput production services

Don’t want to acquire technology but want the benefits of Managed Services – We can help!

Don’t OutSource your Discovery —

SmartSource(SM) it!

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