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Making the best possible decisions for Electronically Stored Information (ESI)FCS ESI Consulting

Electronic discovery is becoming commonplace in civil litigation, but for many attorneys and their clients, it is a journey into the unknown. With the Digital Acuity ESI Consulting Service, you have a trusted advisor to help you on the journey.

The Digital Acuity ESI (electronically stored information) Consultant Team Members have worked with both law firms and corporate legal counsel. Each one is well-known as solid, reliable, trusted advisors who are respected for their high quality of service and on-time deliveries. If you have not previously been involved in the E-Discovery process, it can appear risky, hyper-invasive, and expensive. If you have, you know the importance of sound advice in the management of ESI throughout the entire ESI lifecycle. The ESI Consulting team works to advise clients on ESI best practices. Below are some of the situations where you will want to confer with an ESI Consultant to ensure that you are making the best possible decisions.

Our ESI Consulting Services Include:
  1. Proactive and Reactive ESI Management
  2. Consultation around both proactive and reactive litigation readiness
  3. Consultation for ESI and Storage Services, both on-line and off-line
  4. Discovery Motion Practice Consulting
  5. Rule 26 Conference Preparation
  6. Discovery Coordination
  7. E-Discovery Standard Specification Consulting
  8. E-Discovery Strategic Consulting and Assessment
  9. IT Governance Policies around Records Retention
  10. Early Case Assessment and ESI Strategic Planning including E-Discovery
  11. Consulting and Pre-Project Development Services
  12. E-Discovery Dispute Resolution
  13. E-Collection and Acquisition consultation services using forensically sound processes
  14. Management of the review by experienced Project Managers with national and global experience
  15. Processing and production management by experienced staff with large scale complex litigation
  16. Expert testimony and deposition preparation and /or coaching
Do You Need More Information?

If you have questions about the ESI services that Digital Acuity can provide or are currently faced with a litigation challenge, call 602-354-2799 or email at to speak with one of our ESI Consultants or use our contact page.

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