Digital Acuity E-Discovery and Digital Forensics

As a society,  90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years.  This information is being generated on our smartphones, our computers, in our cars and homes and by third parties with and without our knowledge (such as medical, business and financial records).  At Digital Acuity, every piece of digital data has a story to tell.

Digital Acuity accomplishes this by speaking for your data, deploying digital forensic, and data management strategies. After collecting and preserving your data, we make sure that an authentic, accurate and credible story is told to make correct risk management decisions or present evidence in a legal proceeding.

Digital Acuity is the clear and strong voice of data which provides:

  • Predictable and controllable costs in delivering our services
  • Independent, repeatable & defensible processes that tell the story of every piece of data
  • Customized and transparent client-centric methodologies that tell the data’s story
  • Professional and responsive team of experts and trusted advisers
  • Time to focus on your core business

There are many situations in which understanding what the information is trying to tell us is important.  In fact, each day new circumstances present themselves which involve data needing a voice to tell its story.  The scenarios are based on actual cases, although only general details have been provided showing how Digital Acuity helps bring data into focus or sharpens your insight.


  1. GPS data on a mobile device was used to prove their presence at a specific geographic location or to establish speed or direction.
  2. Data Retrieval – Do you need to find specific information and data from a third party, a website or a device (IoT Internet of Things)? Not sure where to find it or how to collect it?
  3. Authenticate – Electronic data and information is a RECORD. Because it is so effective and powerful, the temptation to delete or modify these records may be too much for certain individuals/entities.  If you need to rely on the electronic record and you want to insure its truthfulness, Digital Acuity can provide a voice for the record.
  4. What happened? – Often times electronic data tell a story of events that happen and when it is unclear what the specifics are, digital forensic professionals will collect and analyze data to provide specific information of the events
  5. Medical (Personal or Business) Records – The records and the data about the data, sometimes known as Metadata, tell a story about who created or modified a record, what was modified? When the modifications or changes were made? How the modifications or changes were made? Need to know the truth?
  6. Risk Management Decisions on Large Data-sets – Today, Data-sets are becoming larger and more complex. Hearing and understanding the collective voices of what the data says becomes difficult without creating a systemic process bring into focus the voices.   Digital Acuity can help you hear these voices.  These types of data-sets are often found in legal, healthcare and risk management circumstances.
  7. Intellectual Property/Espionage – When an individual or entity has reason to believe that its electronic information has been accessed or taken, who do you turn to in understanding what your data is telling you?   The activity is often recorded, and evidence is available to define who, what, where, how, and maybe even why the user did what they did. “Is it important to have your data talk?  Or Is it important to have your data tell its story?”
  8. Data Redaction – Do you have video or data that needs redaction for a legal proceeding?  Digital Acuity can make your data talk with only the appropriate data in focus.

Many unique situations are occurring each day in which electronic information has a story to tell!  Collecting and analyzing this information can be challenging, and when you need to hear its story, Digital Acuity is your partner!