Digital Acuity Expert Witness – Computer Forensics Expert – E-Discovery Expert

Digital Acuity E-Discovery Expert Witness and Computer Forensic Expert Witness

When your case depends on the testimony of an Expert Witness, you can count on Digital Acuity to provide you with an experienced, qualified expert in the field of Computer Forensics and E-Discovery.FCS Expert Witness

The role of Computer Forensic Expert Witness is to provide an analysis of electronic media and information regarding the unauthorized copying or downloading of data. The Forensic Expert will also provide information to the court regarding the destruction of evidence, such as deletion of emails, voicemail and text messages, thus assisting the client attorney to either prove or disprove spoliation.

An E-Discovery Expert Witness attests to the sufficiency of the company’s methods for preservation, collection, review, and production of electronic data for the case.

The number of complex tools used in the E-Discovery and Computer Forensics field, along with the volume of data, often present the expert with complex factual questions, including an explanation of the methods used to obtain the data, and how the expert arrived at his opinion. Furthermore, the expert must respond to these questions in a manner that is concise and understandable to the layman.

An ill prepared witness can both ruin your case, and the court’s perception of your abilities to hire a skilled technician. The complexity of some discovery disputes and the risk of error is such that the e-discovery expert can play an important role simply by protecting trial counsel from the risk of making inadvertent misstatements to the court.

That’s why you don’t want to take chances with your choice of an Expert Witness. Before hiring, ask yourself:

  • Is the expert Qualified?
  • Is the expert Competent?
  • Is the experts’ testimony legally and factually Relevant?
  • Has the expert had experience in testifying?

When you hire a Digital Acuity Expert Witness, you know you have a trusted advisor at your side, whose expertise is above reproach.