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At Digital Acuity we understand that project management is key to a successful outcome. Our seasoned Digital Acuity Project Management Teams have extensive experience working on some of the largest, most complex litigation on the planet. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a defined problem management protocol as well as regular reporting tools and updates. Beyond this we offer our clients the security of knowing that our methods have been further defined under what we call our “Client Advocate Approach.”

Digital Acuity Client Advocate Team

Digital Acuity is a consulting organization whose team members act as trusted advisors and advocates for our clients in both law firm and corporate legal environments. By helping to navigate the complex legal and technical obstacles comprising E-Discovery, our entire staff works through a client advocate team to craft and provide the best possible solutions available for our clients’ business needs. While Digital Acuity, as a whole, works to assume the role of advocate for our clients, three “client-facing” members of the team assume leadership roles in this area during the various phases of a project.

Client Development Consultants During the life cycle of a given project, the Client Development Consultant assumes the responsibility of managing Digital Acuity’s overall relationship with the client.

E-Discovery Consultants Once engaged, the E-Discovery Consultant assumes overall responsibility for the project-related technical strategy between Digital Acuity and the client.

Project Managers Once engaged, the Project Manager is tasked with managing the project-related communications between Digital Acuity and the client.

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