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Digital Acuity Computer and Digital Forensics

When it comes to Computer Forensics, who should you trust with your data?                                                

When faced with pending litigation, the need to conduct an internal investigation, or any other electronic discovery situation, you need computer forensic experts you can trust. The team at Digital Acuity has worked with clients of all sizes, both large and small. We  handle Computer Forensics, Cellphone and Mobile Device Data Acquisitions, Network Acquisitions, Collection from Cloud and Social Media, and Data Breach Analysis. We have handled cases as large as 100 Terabytes and as small as one hard drive. Our computer forensics staff has managed the acquisition of 1,800 hard drive images in a single month. We have experience in both domestic and international projects, involving cooperative and adversarial matters.Computer Forensics

The Digital Acuity Computer Forensics staff is a trusted source for major digital forensics projects for some of the largest corporations and most prestigious law firms worldwide. However, they also serve strong local and regional markets with projects as simple as the acquisition and investigation of a single hard drive.

The Digital Acuity Computer Forensics staff includes professionals with significant government, law enforcement, and private industry experience, both domestic and international. Ongoing training on the latest digital forensic software and processes are a cornerstone of the staff’s best-in-class commitment. In addition to industry training, the group also has a comprehensive internal training and mentoring program used to ensure ongoing professional growth and to capture best practices.

Accomplishments by the Digital AcuityComputer Forensic Staff, include several “firsts”, including; the successful capture of the largest known single server image: 7 Terabytes, for which the team won a Bronze Award at the 2008 Legal Technology News Awards. Throughout the computer forensic community, it was thought impossible. Digital Acuity made it happen. The staff continues to keep moving forward, researching and developing processes to handle upcoming technical and regulatory changes, such as encrypting sensitive client data.

Digital Acuity Forensics Key Services
  1. Forensics Assessment & Consulting
  2. Project Development and Management
  3. Forensically Sound Evidence Acquisition
  4. Establish & Preserve Chain of Custody
  5. Identify & Extract Hidden, Altered, Deleted, and Encrypted Information
  6. Identify Pertinent Timelines and Create a Sequence of Events
  7. Analyze Relevant Contents of Media
  8. Develop Standard & Custom Reports
  9. Depositions & Testifying as Required
The Digital Acuity Computer Forensics Division is located at the corporate offices in Peoria, AZ

The Digital Acuity Computer Forensics facility includes a secure state-of-the-art forensics lab with a separate secure evidence storage room. In addition, the Computer Forensics Staff has a number of traveling forensics labs used for remote acquisition and investigations. Our expert research and development team provides us with special project handling capabilities, including those where size limitations would force other companies to pass.

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