“I can’t give Digital Acuity and KJ Kuchta a high enough recommendation.  KJ was able to recover files from a Mac computer that the other side tried to wipe the files from by removing the files, then partitioning the hard drive and then loading Windows on it. When the other side denied they had done it, KJ was able to identify the exact date and time when each event occurred proving with 100% certainty that the they did it.  In addition, KJ is an excellent expert witness has he testified forcefully making it clear what the other side did and in my case, I believe it led to our Judge tossing the case against me due to the other side’s discovery misconduct.”

Mark Weiss

“Per Se in federal court and a bit of an IT git, I was extremely anxious about having information gathered from computer and phone. The folks at Digital Acuity were reassuring and extremely professional and did the job under the estimated time and at an extremely affordable price. I hope to never need their services again, but if I do, I will look no further for a most excellent forensic IT firm. And as a blind individual, they were attentive to detail and letting me know what was happening every step of the way.”

K Marie

“This group gave me terrific customer service. Has great attention to details and was easy to work with. After extensive searches, they really were the best choice.”

-Kenny Harlan

“My experiences working with Kelly (KJ) Kuchta and his staff at Digital Acuity have all been 5-Star. My confidence in their integrity, industry knowledge and ability to deliver every time, make working with Digital Acuity an easy choice for our company.”

-Charles Cunningham

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