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Our Story starts in 1990 in the financial sector when we were an integral part of a small group of people who saw the potential to use consumer profiles and credit card data to predict fraud and bankruptcy risk.  In the late 1990’s, this quest for using information to create insight to make legal and risk management decisions was carried over to the legal industry by utilizing computer forensic and data management strategy.   We see other industries, including Healthcare, that need similar tools and strategies to make business and risk management decisions about their business.  What we have realized is data and information have a story to tell but lack a voice.  Digital Acuity is the voice of the data. How can we help you?

Digital Acuity LLC is a service-oriented E-Discovery consulting firm that was founded in 2001.  Our team will provide strategic technical consulting so you are successful with all of your E-discovery challenges.  We can help you to identify and customize the right processes, workflows, technologies and methodologies that you face on your typical E-discovery needs.  Our experience also means Digital Acuity can be your trusted adviser and work with you to craft your approach and desired outcome when you are faced with a high stakes E-discovery challenge.

The expertise and experience of the Digital Acuity team is where our clients receive their true value.

When you are looking for an E-Discovery team, choose Digital Acuity to:
  • Reduce your E-Discovery expenses & help you to manage and meet your budget demands without compromising quality.
  • Provide consistent, defensible methodologies throughout the discovery process.
  • Ensure the best possible alternatives to tools and methodologies for your varying type of needs.
  • Provide expert consulting and project planning from records management through production.
Clients who Discover Digital Acuity Can Expect the following Benefits:
  • Understanding of up-front budgeting and goals established and met
  • Extensive reporting for Litigation Case Intelligence (LGI)
  • Consistency of processes and outcomes
  • Fast project start-up
  • Creation of customized tools or resources by our development team

A Focus on Cost Containment

The exponential increase in the amount of data generated and stored by organizations today has made electronic discovery a significant cost of any litigation, DOJ or M&A review process.  We work in concert with our clients to provide access to the best processes and most cost effective technology possible to achieve a successful outcome while containing costs.

One example of our commitment to cost containment is Digital Acuity DRIVESM (Defensible, Reduction, In Volume of ESI). Digital Acuity DRIVESM is not simply a sterile statistical exercise, void of the all important human element of review.  The methodology does not rely on simply key terms.  Rather, Digital Acuity DRIVE SM is a multifaceted methodology ultimately supported by actual review, without reviewing everything.   Learn more about Digital Acuity DRIVESM .

The Seeking the Best Solution

Mastering and integrating leading edge technology and best practices are key elements in our success. In addition, we understand that each engagement is unique and as such has an optimal solution. Our commitment is not to a specific technology or process but to providing our clients with the very best solution to whatever challenge they face.

To Discover more about Digital Acuity, contact us today.

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